Who We Are

Who We Are

Energized by an over 200-year history – our company is now simpler, stronger, leaner, nimbler – and solidly positioned for growth. Ecovyst is a pure-play catalyst and services company. As catalysts for positive change, our technologies play a critical role in supporting ecological health, and propelling expansion and growth for our customers. At Ecovyst, we are ready for change.

We position ourselves to be responsive and fast adapting to the rapidly changing economic environments, supporting our customers with solutions that grow and extend their business growth and sustainability goals. Our critical and tailored products enable us to be partners in creating novel solutions, improving customer production processes.

At Ecovyst, we are prioritizing and accelerating our growing and greening initiatives, and are putting sustainability for a safer, cleaner, healthier world at the forefront of our forward strategy.

Complementary Businesses that are Well Positioned to Enable Change

Our long history of innovation expertise and close customer collaboration supports the development of proprietary catalysts and services across our two industry-leading businesses, Ecoservices and Advanced Materials & Catalysts, formerly known respectively as Refining Services and Catalysts. The products and services of these two businesses have proven track records with our customers.

While each of these businesses has strong attributes on a stand-alone basis, they benefit from the complementarity of the combination in our portfolio. We expect this shared value to increase, as we advance our plans to expand our product and service offerings to accelerate customers’ transition to a sustainability-driven future.


With significant sulfuric acid processing know-how and an extensive network, we are an industry leader. We provide end-to-end regeneration services or recycling of spent acid for alkylation producers. It is important to note that Alkylate is benefitting from a demand shift to higher-octane gasoline as it is a critical fuel component in meeting higher standards for fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Additionally, Ecoservices provides specialty grade high purity virgin sulfuric acid for a number of diverse and growing end uses. Among them are mining, particularly copper for electronics applications, production of lead acid batteries for all types of vehicles, water treatment, and agricultural products.

Learn more about our Ecoservices business and product line.


Our Advanced Materials & Catalysts business is a leader in engineering proprietary and customized technologies for cleaner fuels, emissions control and waste reduction. Our silica-based catalysts are specified by the largest global polyethylene licensors and producers, supporting their requirements for higher performance in terms of durability and lightweighting.

We also have a strategic 33-year joint venture partnership with Shell, Zeolyst International, where we have leading expertise in zeolite-based Advanced Materials & Catalysts for tightening environmental standards for global fuel emissions.

Learn more about our Advanced Materials & Catalysts business and product line.

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Ecovyst is Serving Long-Term Sustainable Trends

Our portfolio continues to aggressively minimize the environmental impact of our footprint and operational network, while we also innovate with our products and services to support customers’ performance requirements and serve their long-term sustainable trends.

We are particularly proud of our health and safety performance and unwavering in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the communities in which we operate and our customers.

As we support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals, we anticipate improving our environmental performance and have implemented a comprehensive set of sustainability goals for 2025 and 2030.

Learn more about our sustainability performance and goals.

Change is Accelerating in the Industries We Serve, and Our Customers Must Adapt

As fundamental global trends take place, we are enthusiastic about our current and future positioning in supporting our customers. With growing evidence and concerns regarding the pace of climate change and air quality levels, we are positioning for three key trends over the next few decades where we can be part of the solution:

  1. Increasing standards and obligations for manufacturers to make meaningful efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of their activities;
  2. Shift to cleaner energy sources, particularly for the transportation industry;
  3. Growing urgency for recycling solutions for plastics.

These changing dynamics create a momentum for extended and new emerging end uses for our products and solutions. We are engaging these trends with strategic considerations and clear prioritization as we innovate for the future.

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Our Values

We believe that each of our team members can be a catalyst for positive change. As a company with a global reach, complemented by strong local presence, we help our customers solve complex challenges -— always with an unflinching focus on safety and a driving desire to leave future generations a planet that is healthier and more sustainable.

Our cornerstone values — integrity and fairness, diligence and service, learning and imagination—are reflected across our people and our company culture. We believe this culture and the strong spirit of teamwork it fosters are of immense benefit to our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our planet, and the communities where we live and work.

At Ecovyst, we believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture make good business sense as well as good people sense. Since our founding, we’ve invested in the people that make Ecovyst great. Our workforce must reflect the diversity of the societies in which we operate.

Our rich culture is built on the values of inclusion, integrity and imagination. We offer a dynamic and inclusive working environment—one where all opinions are valued and the culture of family is fostered.

Our Impact - Supporting Today’s and Future Generations

We continuously strive to be better stewards of our environment and our communities with each exciting new product innovation, through our community engagement initiatives and by supporting our internal teams to do their best work while maintaining balance with their family and non-work lives.

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