Virgin Sulfuric Acid

Virgin Sulfuric Acid

Ecoservices is the leading North American producer of specialty grade high purity virgin sulfuric acid for a number of diverse and growing end uses. Among them are mining, particularly copper for electronics applications, production of lead acid batteries for all types of vehicles, water treatment, and agricultural products.

Our virgin sulfuric acid is produced by burning molten sulfur. This enables us to reliably produce the highest quality products demanded by the diverse industries that we serve. Ecoservices produces virgin acid at eight different sulfuric acid units, giving us the most robust production scale for virgin acid in the industry. We deliver virgin sulfuric acid by rail, truck, or barge. Ecoservices current virgin sulfuric acid products include:

  • 93% Sulfuric Acid
  • 93% Lead Acid Battery Grade Sulfuric Acid
  • 98% Sulfuric Acid
  • Oleum
  • 70% Sulfuric Acid
  • 78% Sulfuric Acid

Our products are used in various industries including:

  • Industrial Chemical
  • Mining
  • Battery Production
  • Agricultural
  • Paper Production
  • Water Treatment

Please be in touch with our customer service team if we can assist you with virgin sulfuric acid needs. We look forward to answering your questions on our products or to discuss development of a custom solution.

Product Profiles


Sulfuric acid saturated with sulfur trioxide (fuming sulfuric acid) used as a chemical intermediate in various industrial processes including sulfonating and nitrating reactions.

High Strength

Highly concentrated sulfuric acid (>93%) used in industrial processes for pH control, mineral extraction and for catalysis.


High purity sulfuric acid used in processes with stringent specifications for various impurities including metals, nitrates and sulfur dioxide.

Aluminum Sulfate

A derivative of concentrated sulfuric acid used in applications such as Pulp/Paper, Water treatment, Dye production.

Our alum meets or exceeds the American Water Works Association standard for Aluminum Sulfate – Liquid, Ground or Lump (AWWA B403-09). Additionally, all of our facilities are NSF certified as complying with NSF/ANSI 60 and all applicable requirements.

Sodium and Ammonia Bisulfite

A derivative of concentrated sulfuric acid used in applications such as Municipal water treatment, Food additive, Oxygen scavenging.