Sulfuric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world, and it plays a critical role in the production of key products for the new economy of the future. Ecoservices supports these uses with a century-old track record in various grades of Sulfuric Acid.

With significant sulfuric acid processing know-how and an extensive network, Ecoservices is an industry leader in North America. We provide end-to-end regeneration services or recycling of spent acid for alkylation producers. It is important to note that Alkylate is benefitting from a demand shift to higher-octane gasoline as it is a critical fuel component in meeting higher standards for fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Additionally, Ecoservices provides specialty grade high purity virgin sulfuric acid for a number of diverse and growing end uses. Among them are mining, particularly copper for electronics applications, production of lead acid batteries for all types of vehicles (including EVs), water treatment, and agricultural products.

Ecoservices Products and Services

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Sulfuric Acid Regeneration

Sulfuric acid is a key catalyst for oil refiners in the production of alkylate, a critical high-octane and high-value gasoline blending component.

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Virgin Sulfuric Acid

Ecoservices produces specialty grade high purity virgin sulfuric acid for a number of diverse and growing end uses.

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Treatment Services

Ecoservices offers reliable chemical waste handling and treatment services.

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Chem32 sulfides and activates catalysts and absorbents used in refining, petrochemical and environmental processes, using its proprietary THIOCAT® fixed-bed sulfiding technology.

Refining and Sulfur Solutions

Sulfuric acid is the most widely consumed chemical in the world and is critical to the production of alkylate and many essential materials. Since our founding as Stauffer Chemical over 120 years ago, we have partnered with our customers to provide them with the highest quality regeneration services and sulfur products.

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