Chemical Catalysis

Chemical Catalysis

Ecovyst silica-based supports and catalysts are widely used in the manufacture of process intermediates & fine chemicals, elastomers & polymers, syngas products, environmental controls and renewable materials.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes give the flexibility to tailor the physical and chemical properties of the supports and catalysts to meet specific performance demands.

Ecovyst has the knowledge and expertise critical to the successful development and commercialization of customized chemical catalysts. From the creation of ideas and samples through to commercial manufacturing and supply, Ecovyst can provide technical know-how and assistance to customers at any stage of the value chain.

Ecovyst develops supports and catalysts containing base, alkali and transition metals to provide the necessary performance enhancements needed, such as increased activity, stability & selectivity.

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In addition to the elemental modification, Ecovyst excels in its flexibility when tailoring physical & chemical properties:

Physical properties

  • Surface Areas ranging from 300 – 1000 m2/g
  • Pore Volumes ranging from 1 – 3 ml/g
  • Particle sizes ranging from 1µ to 5mm
  • Granular, spheroidal, bead and extruded silicas

Chemical Modification

  • Co-gelation
  • Impregnation
  • Ion-exchange
  • Surface reaction
  • Encapsulation

What is a Catalyst?

A catalyst is a chemical substance that accelerates the transformation of low-value substances to desired, high-value products by speeding up the chemical reaction.

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