Catalyst Technologies

Catalyst Technologies

The continued development of new catalysts enables us to play an important role in our customers’ sustainability journey.

Ecovyst’s Catalyst Technologies is a leader in engineering proprietary and customized technologies for cleaner fuels, emission control and waste reduction.

With increasing demand for existing products and frequent requests from customers to collaborate in the development of new catalysts, Catalyst Technologies is geared for supporting our customers’ businesses as they grow. We selectively allocate our resources to provide differentiated technologies that are rapidly adopted allowing us to continually refine the performance of our products relative to specific needs.

We’re focused on two important, long-term secular trends: The clean-energy transition and the circular economy for plastics. As both of these trends continue to accelerate, Ecovyst and Catalyst Technologies will continue to innovate with customers to improve the performance of the products they make. We enable our customers to meet the increasing and evolving requirements of the industries they serve.

Zeolyst International – A Winning Partnership

Zeolyst International

The Zeolyst International partnership with Shell Catalysts & Technologies was established over 30 years ago. Our team is uniquely capable to develop and manufacture new zeolite-based materials tailored to the desired applications.

As we transition to an economy with cleaner fuels and reduced emissions, Zeolyst will play an important role.

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Catalyst Technologies Products and Services

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Polyolefin Catalysts

Ecovyst is a key global supplier of chrome-on-silica catalysts, modified chrome catalysts, Ziegler-Natta Catalysts and single catalyst supports, widely used in the polymerization of ethylene into polyethylene.

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Anti-Blocking Silicas

Incorporation of small quantities of a Gasil® Anti-Blocking Silica into a film formulation creates micro-roughness at the surface of the film. This reduces or eliminates blocking without compromising the balance of physical and optical properties of the film.

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Advanced Ion Exchange Materials

Ecovyst has developed a unique range of Advanced Ion Exchange (AIX) materials based on functionalized silicas that enable mining operations, metal processors & waste treatment companies to significantly improve their overall sustainability, value recovery, product purity and overall environmental footprint.

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Fuels & Emissions Catalysts

Within fuels & emission control, our products help to meet increasingly strict emission control requirements. Zeolites are also highly adaptable for use in key processes for production of renewable fuels.

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Custom Materials & Catalysts

Leveraging decades of knowledge and experience Ecovyst Catalyst Technologies are able to provide a range of Custom Silica Catalysts that enhance the performance of our customers products and renewable materials.

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Chemical Catalysis

Ecovyst silica-based supports and catalysts are widely used in the manufacture of process intermediates & fine chemicals, elastomers & polymers, syngas products, environmental controls and renewable materials.

What is a Catalyst?

A catalyst is a chemical substance that accelerates the transformation of low-value substances to desired, high-value products by speeding up the chemical reaction.

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