Opal Pure™ Clean Air

Opal Pure™ Clean Air

Opal Pure zeolites for Emission Control

Opal Pure™ zeolites offer cutting-edge emission control solutions for automotive and chemical industries. With our extensive experience, Ecovyst, through its Zeolyst International joint venture, proudly presents Opal Pure™ zeolite products designed for emission control applications, delivering exceptional performance in the following areas:

  1. NOx Abatement: Whether for automotive or stationary sources, Opal Pure™ zeolites are a popular choice for SCR catalyst applications, surpassing traditional Vanadium-based methods. Opal Pure™ zeolites deliver remarkable catalytic activity at low exhaust temperatures, remaining efficient and stable even at high temperatures. Notably, Opal Pure™ zeolites do not contribute to the emission of vanadium into the environment, avoiding potential environmental impacts associated with heavy metals.
  2. VOC Adsorption: Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of specific zeolites, Opal Pure™ zeolites excel at selectively adsorbing VOCs—effectively separating these pollutants from exhaust streams. Opal Pure™ zeolites efficiently adsorb VOCs and desorbs them when exhaust gas reaches a sufficient temperature. 
  3. VOC Abatement: When used in catalyst wash coat preparation, Opal Pure™ zeolites provide higher tolerance to poisons and lower ignition temperatures compared to alumina-based solutions. Opal Pure™ zeolites also exhibit a lower tendency to form harmful byproducts, thus reducing the formation of pollutants.
  4. N2O Removal: Metal-exchanged zeolite catalyst solutions for chemical and automotive industries. Opal Pure™ zeolites can be tailored to selectively reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) while minimizing the generation of unwanted byproducts, effectively reducing N2O emissions.


  • Automotive SCR (Euro 6)
  • Future Regulations Euro 7 / China 7
  • Automotive DOC
  • Stationary SCR Catalyst
  • Stationary VOC Catalyst

Discover Opal Pure™ zeolites, your advanced solution for emission control, setting new standards for environmental responsibility and performance.

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