Opal Infinity™ Advanced Recycling

Opal Infinity™ Advanced Recycling

Introducing Opal Infinity zeolites, a sustainable solution for advanced plastic recycling, enabling the circular economy.

Opal Infinity™ – an avant-garde portfolio of zeolites for advanced recycling applications such as catalytic pyrolysis, delivering substantial value and benefits. By effectively lowering the activation energy required for pyrolysis and improving the quality of pyrolysis oil, Opal Infinity™ zeolites contribute to reducing the environmental footprint and aligning seamlessly with global sustainability goals.

One of the standout advantages of utilizing Opal Infinity™ zeolites is their ability to fine-tune product distributions in downstream processes. In contrast to thermal pyrolysis—which often yields a product with a wide molecular range—these zeolites enable precise control of the end products. Zeolyst International offers a diverse range of Opal Infinity™ zeolites designed to cater to specific customer needs, ensuring that desired end product targets are achieved efficiently.

Zeolyst International doesn’t just provide exceptional off the shelf zeolites; we take it a step further by tailoring Opal Infinity™ zeolites to meet the unique requirements of customers. This level of customization is invaluable in the development of catalysts for upgrading pyrolysis oils and gases in downstream processes like hydrocracking, isomerization, and oligomerization. With Opal Infinity™ zeolites, the circular economy gains a powerful ally in the pursuit of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

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