Opal Blue™ Clean Water

Opal Blue™ Clean Water

Welcome to Opal Blue zeolites: Your Solution for Clean Drinking Water

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, recognized globally. Even in highly developed regions like the United States and the European Union, where water quality is strictly regulated, challenges persist. Contaminants like PFAS (Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances), often referred to as “Forever Chemicals,” and Organic Micro Pollutants (OMP) pose unique challenges and health concerns. To combat this, regulatory efforts are pushing for ultra-low contamination levels, sometimes measured in Parts Per Trillion (PPT).

Opal Blue™ zeolites are distinguished by their unique structures, resulting in well-defined micro and nano porous formations. With more than 200 identified structures and the ability to fine-tune hydrophobicity and surface chemistry, Opal Blue™ zeolites provide an exceptional and customizable substrate for developing highly effective and selective absorbents. These absorbents are crucial for removing current and emerging contaminants from drinking water.

Opal Blue™ zeolites are an extensive and unique range of synthetic zeolites. We are actively seeking collaborations with academic and industrial partners to develop innovative solutions to address the pressing water quality challenges. Join us in the mission to ensure everyone has access to safe and clean drinking water.

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