AlphaCat® Chemical Catalysis

AlphaCat® Chemical Catalysis

Sustainable Catalysts

A world leader in the development and manufacturing of silica based sustainable catalysts, Ecovyst has developed a reputation as the “Partner of Choice” for clients ranging from innovative start-ups’ to multi-national organizations. 

By working collaboratively with a wide spectrum of catalyst developers and producers, Ecovyst is able to tailor its custom silica supports in terms of purity, porosity, and particle size—allowing customers to optimize their catalysts for performance and reliability.

Our current range of silicabased sustainable catalysts add value in the following applications:

  • Renewable Feedstocks​
  • Hydrocarbon Non-Renewable Feedstocks​
  • Bio-Catalysts

Catalysts for Renewable Feedstocks

As the world moves towards “Net Zero”, the market for novel processes that utilize renewable feedstocks as replacements for carbon emitting hydrocarbons is growing at a rapid pace. These new, renewable feedstock processes typically require novel catalysts and catalytic routes that existing catalysts simply cannot maintain sustainably. 

Ecovyst works with a number of catalyst developers and producers to modify the properties of the silica based supports we manufacture—improving both the performance of the catalyst and the overall sustainability of the process.

Catalysts with Improved Sustainability

There is a rapidly increasing need to improve the sustainability of hydrocarbon-based processes through new and improved catalystsEcovyst collaborates with some of the world’s largest chemical and catalyst companies to develop optimized catalysts, using silica-based supports, that improve overall performance, increase product yields and reduce overall energy requirements.

Driven to ensure that precious hydrocarbon feedstocks are used efficiently and reduce energy requirements— we tailor customers catalysts to enhance conversation rates, increase yields and reduce overall energy consumption.

Bio-catalysts (Immobilized Enzymes)

Enzymes are large, organic molecules, that require specialized supports. Over the past few decades there has been a rapidly growing market for bio-catalysts based on enzymatic routes, predominantly focused on improving the sustainability footprint of processes (low energy / high conversion). Enzymes were initially used as homogeneous “bio-catalysts”, however there is a growing market for “Immobilized” enzymes—enzymes that are attached to a support, allowing them to achieve all the benefits associated with heterogeneous catalysts in fixed bed reactors. 

Ecovyst’s ability to manufacture at scale silica materials that have tailored particle size, pore size, porosity and purity means we are well positioned to support our customers in this emerging growth market.