Accelerating the transition to a sustainability-driven future

Our products and technologies address customers’ sustainability challenges, tighter global regulatory standards and changing consumer preferences.

Businesses to Enable Change

Our long history of innovation expertise and close customer collaboration supports the development of proprietary catalysts and services across our two industry-leading businesses:

Ecoservices provides sulfuric acid regeneration services that avoid significant landfill or deep well disposal.

Our zeolite catalyst are used for cleaner air application and our silica catalyst are key for lightweighting and plastic recycling.

Featured Products


Polyolefin Catalysts

Ecovyst is a leading supplier of a wide range of Polyolefin catalysts and supports—as well as chrome-on-silica catalysts, modified chrome catalysts and Ziegler-Natta Catalysts.


Functionalized Silicas

Unlike standard polymer Ion Exchange materials, we have successfully developed a portfolio of silica-based Advanced Ion Exchange (AIX) materials that can operate in extremely harsh process conditions.

Opal Renew™


Our Opal Renew™ line of zeolite products are curated to drive progress in the renewable fuels industry and revolutionize catalytic technologies, leaving a substantial mark on Renewable Fuels production.

Opal Infinity™

Advanced Recycling

In contrast to thermal pyrolysis—which often yields a product with a wide molecular range—our Opal Infinity™ portfolio of zeolites enable precise control of the end products.

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Accelerating Sustainable Product Innovation

Sustainability is intertwined with our daily business and is reinforced through our strategy and values. We strive to create sustainable products that are safe for the environment, reduce waste and increase efficiancies for our customers and stakeholders. Our products contribute to lower emissions and cleaner air, advance the global transition to to clean energy, support the circular plastics economy and ensure clean, purified drinking water. We are committed to creating environmentally responsible products that make a difference in people’s daily lives and for our planet.

An Inspired Career

We believe that each of our team can be a catalyst for positive change. We are in the business of improving lives globally.

At Ecovyst, we strive to develop our people, who in turn drive our ability to advance new solutions for our global customers. We encourage you to browse our current openings and consider joining Team Ecovyst.

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Our Latest News

Ecovyst is proud to announce that it has become a participant member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Zeolyst International Unveils New Brand Names for its Product Portfolio

Ecovyst Announces Planned Expansion of Kansas City, KS Silica Catalyst Production Capability

Get In Touch! Ecovyst offers a high standard of technical and analytical service to ensure optimum performance of its products. For assistance, contact us directly.

To request a copy of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for any of our products, please e-mail us at sds@ecovyst.com.